Sydney, Australia - Travel Photography

We spent 6 good days in Sydney. We went in December and the temperature was good at around 22 degree. It had a long day time around 14 hours and it didn't turn dark until after 8pm!

We took a day tour to Three Sisters, the view was amazing. And I got to pat a koala bear for the first time.. but the fur is pretty rough ;) We had good food, good shopping and good view in Sydney.

Photography gear used - Canon DIGITAL IXUS 100 IS.


Day 1 to St Mary's Cathedral.

Majestic look against the blue sky.

Dinner and people watch at Darling Harbour.

On day 2 we went for a day tour to Three Sisters.

Beautiful but dangerous. Stay away from the edge :)

The Three Sisters.

The QVB’s Great Australian Clock at Queen Victoria Building. It shows the memorable historical events of Australia. Beautiful piece of art!

Shopping at Queen Victoria Building.

Strand Arcade, Sydney's Victorian-era shopping centre, houses old-fashioned boutiques and high-end Australian designers. The interior is so beautiful, makes you want to find a cafe and just stay there and take it all in slowly.

The iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Dinner over sunset at Finger Wharf.

Day 3 started at Paddy's Markets in the morning. But it is better to plan this in the late afternoon as you will be buying stuff there. And you wouldn't want to carry them with you the whole day.

After our shopping trip, we went to Featherdale Wildlife Park to see the koala bears.. They were sleeping most of the time.

Next we went for dinner at Sydney Fish Market. Do keep a lookout for these seagulls. They stole 3 slices of salmon right from our table!

Food was pretty good though and that explained why those seagulls made the move!

Supper at Harry's Cafe de Wheels. It was near Finger Wharf.

You do your take-away and bring it to the port and eat it with a view ;)

Day 4 at Sydney National Botanical Garden in the morning.

Many many bats hanging from the trees.

View of Sydney Opera House from far.

Crossing the Sydney Harbour Bridge by foot.

Ended the day at the Sydney Opera House.

Spent our last day at Sydney visiting The Rocks Markets by Moonlight. And back to Paddy's to get more stuff that we missed out.