Seoul, South Korea - Travel Photography

I had never thought I would be visiting South Korea soon. There were places that I wanted to go and Seoul was not one of them. Anyway this was a trip with families and I was just a follower. Usually I will be the one planning on the trip as I only do self travels but this time round, it was with a guided tour.

I had not actually read up on the places we were going prior to the trip so I didn't really know much and what attractions they have to offer. But I would say Seoul exceeded my expectations and it had a lot more to offer than the number of days I had spent there.

And being on a guided tour means there were surprises along the trip compared to my planned self travels previously which I already knew where I was going and to expect. However, self travel is still the way to go for me, as I get to know the places more and there is flexibility in your time allocations and destinations.

Photography gear used - Nikon D90 with Nikon 18-200mm f3.5-6.3.


Welcome to Korea!

This is the first place we went in Seoul.

It was like a wet market with street eateries.

You could choose your seafood and get seated inside while they cook for you.

There were also outdoor seatings as well.

And finger food to take away.

Next we went to the popular Seoraksan National Park.

Big buddha near the entrance.

Beautiful bridge with the mountainous backdrop.

People wrote wishes on these ceramic tiles.

And the highlights of Seoraksan National Park is the picturesque mountainous view.

We took a tram and then a short walk to the top. It was enjoyable consider the awesome view and cooling weather and the walk was easy.

Stunning view of the mountains.

Couldn't have enough of this view. It was like a reward after the climb or rather walk. It wasn't even a tough walk ;)

Ended our day 1 at this hotel for a night.

It was actually tatami style. You laid your thin layer of mattress on the floor to sleep. The view is pretty good.

Dinner at a restaurant nearby. I love korean food. Even in Singapore, korean food is awesome.

Next day we set off early to Everland. When you go to the theme parks, you know what to expect..

Even though it looked crowded at the entrance, it wasn't that bad inside because the place was huge.

And it didn't take long for us to get in because there was a priority entry for tour groups.

They even had a zoo within the park!

After a half day fun at the Everland, we went on a historical tour at Gyeongju Bulguksa Temple, 佛國寺.

Our last activity of day 2 at Myeongdong shopping street! Shopping therapy is always the best activity..

We stayed at The Grand Hotel.

Day 3, we headed to Applease Korea Brewery.

We picked our own apples from the tree.

We got to do wine tasting and made a pancake.

After a pancake lunch, we went to Yeoju Premium Outlets. It needs no explanation what we did here.

Dota Mall at Dongdaemun. Possibly the most famous shopping mall in seoul. It's massive so take your time. It opens till morning!

We did our late night shopping there after 10pm.

When we were hungry, we just went outside the mall where there were street food and more stores!

Day 4 after breakfast, we went to the street and the guide shared with us the facts of the stone statues found in Seoul.

After that we went to the National Folk Museum of Korea.

It was a nice walk without the crowd. The architecture is beautiful.

This place is huge.. I was glad we had a guide.

Next we went to the Gyeongbokgung Palace which is just beside.

After dinner, we went to Lotte World theme park. There is an outdoor theme park as well right outside with more exciting rides.

Our last day in Seoul we did our final shopping at around Sinchon Station.

We shopped by the streets and there are alleys filled with stores too. We definitely spent too much time here that the guide had to rush us for the flight :)

That was all for our Korea trip. I think Korea can do a really nice self travel trip. I can already imagine myself driving in Korea, going to places. Shopping till I drop or broke.. till then.