Jeju Island, South Korea - Travel Photography

It was the first time we went on a guided tour as we were travelling with families. Even though we missed the flexibility of self travels, I guessed it was a good choice considering the old folks were well taken care of :)

It was a 8 days guided tour to Jeju Island and part of South Korea ending the trip at Seoul. Jeju Island is beautiful but may be more suitable for older folks, I may not plan for it if I'm gonna do my self travel in Korea but I guess each has his/her own preference ;)

Photography gear used - Nikon D90 with Nikon 18-200mm f3.5-6.3.


Our hotel in Jeju Island at T.H.E Hotel.

Pretty ok. Good room size. I think usually travel agency will provide at least 3stars hotel and above.

This stone statue can be found throughout Jeju Island. It is called Dol Hareubang and is often considered to be guardians of the island, who ward off demons and evil spirits.

We reached late on day 1 in Jeju, it was after dinner. While everyone checked in and rest, we walked the streets around the hotel.

Looks like the night is still young.

Jeju Island is famous for its mermaid divers call Haenyeo, women who dive to fish for a living. And this mermaid statue acts as a symbol of the island’s haenyo.

This is another attraction in Jeju Island that near the mermaid statue. It is called the Dragon Head Rock.

The Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak was probably the main attraction of Jeju Island.

Thankfully for the cooling weather, the walk was pretty easy.

It was a long walk. But the gradient wasn't that bad.

Viewing area midway up the peak.

Anyway viewing spot.

View from top.

Mini Dol Hareubang that you can buy as gifts.

Next we head over to Teddy Bear Museum.

It was a pretty cute and interesting museum. Kids will love it. There was outdoor area where you can take photos with the teddy bear status like this one.

Next to the glass castle museum. Hmm it was alright. Not my cup of tea.

That was what we had in Jeju Island before we needed to fly back to main island to continue our Korea trip.