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Taipei (臺北; Táiběi) is the national capital of Taiwan. It needs no introduction, especially for Singaporeans. Taiwan is one of the most traveled destinations among Singaporeans. It's obvious that the shopping, sight-seeing, night markets and friendly folks are one of the few reasons for its popularity.

Since it's not the first time we been to Taipei, we tried to research for new places that we have yet to go to. These includes the creative parks(highly recommended!), Taipei Children's Amusement Park, Four Four South Village and Bitan.

We spent a total of 8 days in Taipei.

Photography gear used - Insta360 One, Sony a6500 with Sigma 30mm f1.4, Huawei mate20.

We started our Day 1 late in the later afternoon at the infamous Jiufen Old Street. It was gloomy and cold. It rained for awhile. Luckily we had a guide with us to bring us back to Taipei City as it was crowded(as usual) and I couldn't imagine the long journey back on a public bus with my kid ;)

Drama mode when she was denied to be carried up the stairs.

Bright and sunny on day 2 at Taipei!

First destination at Lungshan Temple 龍山寺. We don't usually visit temples, not our type of interest but we almost covered most places in Taipei on our first 2 trips. So we tried to explore new places.

Our little one learning to pray.

Bopiliao Historical Block 剝皮寮歷史街區. A historical street with some small exhibitions. Good for photo taking but nothing much there. Its near Lungshan Temple so we just walked over and checked out the place.

At Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. It's actually a place where they sell creative or handmade items.

She trying to take her regular daily nap so we can start our shopping peacefully.

At Huashan 1914 Creative Park. It's almost like Songshan Cultural and Creative Park but this is much bigger with affordable retails, and more food options.

Beside the retail shops, there was a big bazaar or warehouse that houses small local retailers. A pretty good place to shop.

Day 3 started at Maji Maji. We went there in the morning(around 10am) and we found out the stores only open in the afternoon. So we let our little one rent a car to drive around the area. She was making friends while showing off her car.

Offering a ride to her new friend. We ended the day early with some leisure shopping at Ximending.

Day 4 is a whole day of sleeping in the hotel because wife was too tire. Had actually planned for Yang Ming Shan. Anyway we ordered delivery for breakfast and lunch to our hotel and got dinner at Ximending near our hotel. So having fully recharged, we started day 5 energized!

Passed by an alley style wet market while walking to the amusement park from the train station.

On our way to the amusement park. Her expression when she saw the ferris wheel from afar..

At Taipei Children's Amusement Park. Affordable rides and no crowd. But our little one is below 1m height, so there were a few rides that she couldn't take.

Four Four South Village四四南村. A heritage preserved area in the city with some eateries.

A contrasted scene of the old and new Taipei 101.

Trying to make a heart shape shadow but her hands are too short :D

On day 6 we took the cable car to Maokong. It's not her first time on the cable car but still very excited.

Went to one of the tea house for lunch which I forgot the name. The interior was pretty elaborated with a pond and bridge within the tea house. We chose this place because it was literally empty, and we wanted to let our little one take a nap there. The view was a bonus and the weather was cooling. We had a "room" (without door) to ourselves.

Taipei Xinyi District. Window shopping and dinner before heading back to Ximending to get supper.

Day 7 to Bitan. While researching on Wulai for a day trip, I found Bitan, 碧潭. It was a place by the river or lake with a huge suspended red bridge. There is a long stretch of eateries as well and we had a fun time paddling a duck boat in the river.

Day 8 at Taoyuan Airport.

Home sweet home!


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