Mount Belumut @ Kluang, Malaysia - Travel Photography

Mount Belumut (Gunung Belumut), is 3,314ft tall, located in Kluang District, Johor, Malaysia. It is approximately 6km from the entrance to the summit and you will take the same route back.

I was hesitant going on this trip as I wasn't sure if I was physically fit for this hike. I'm glad I did, even thought I had multiple leg cramps on the trip down, if it wasn't for the muscle relax cream, I would probably be stuck on the mountain for the night!

I didn't bring any camera gear with me as I just want to enjoy and focus on the hike. I did miss my camera during the hike, maybe I will bring along a camera on my next hike :)

Photography gear used - Iphone 7 Plus.


It was a weekend trip, we went in on a Friday after work and reached Johor Bahru around 9pm. We had our late dinner at Restoran 777.

Awesome food! Black pig pork satay was the highlight! After dinner, we drove for an hour to our apartment at Kluang.

Next morning, we had breakfast at this place around 10mins drive from our apartment.

After breakfast, we drove to Mount Belumut about 45mins away. If I'm not wrong, it's written the operating hours was from 830am-4pm?

Waiting for our guide at the entrance. It was mandatory to engage a guide for the hike at Mount Belumut.

Group photo at the entrance when we still looked good ;)

It started with an easy walk with concrete foot path.

With a river view to the right.

Then we crossed a bridge over the river about 5mins from the entrance and that was where the actual hike began.

It was a pretty cooling hike as we were constantly sheltered by the thick foliage.

The climb inclined steeper as we went deeper.

We were quite fortunate to have the whole mountain to ourselves most of the time.

Took a quick break before the next rest stop :)

A giant tree!

There were signs indicating the distance to the summit. Well, i guess it's one way to push you to the top ;)

Be prepared to get your hands dirty ;)

I thought we made it to the summit when I saw this view, but it was another 30mins to the summit! My legs were almost giving way at this point!

Finally, we reached the summit. For a moment, I forgot about the fatigue and my legs...

We had a good rest at the summit and a good lunch. Fully recharged to make our descend.

The descend was tough.. I thought it was going to be a easy way down but it wasn't. My legs were killing me and it started to rain. It was slippery and you had to be careful with your steps. That explains why there isn't one photo on the descend :)

Took a rest by the river.

After we got ourselves cleaned up at our apartment, we couldn't wait to be out for dinner! There were more food that we ordered but they couldn't fit into the table at one time! We had a drink at a pub after this and went back to our apartment or our well deserved rest for the night ;)

The next day itinerary was simply... all about food.

Our breakfast stop at the popular Kluang RailCoffee!

Our second breakfast stop.. right after Kluang RailCoffee, curry noodles at Gerai Makan Botak.

Next we went for a good dessert at Shangri-La Ais Kacang which was where the curry noodles was.

After our fulfilling meals, we did some shopping and drove back to Singapore :)