Bandung Indonesia

Finally, she was on her first flight experience to Bandung @ 2yrs old. I believe most parents will utilize the free infant flight tickets before their kids turn 2. It probably makes sense but well, we didn't plan for it and it just happened that she grew so fast and before we knew it, she is too big now to fit into the bassinet. We were nervous on her first flight, but as usual, and as expected, she adapted well :)

Bandung had been kind on us. It rained whenever we were in the hotel/car, and shined whenever we were out. We had a driver to fetch us around which made it so much easier traveling with a toddler.

There are so many things to do in Bandung with your kids. We fed animals like bunny, goat and guinea pigs, we sailed a boat (or sampan?), she did a mini version of flying fox by herself, she made her first wish at the wishing well, walked on a suspended bridge, strolled in a tea plantation, and many more!

Lastly, our stay at Hilton Hotel is great. The service is good and the rooms are clean and comfy and it was within walking distance to a great mall - 23 Paskal.

"swooooosh...." imitating the plane taking off..

Getting comfortable with her barang barang..

that's what she will do when we were shopping in the mall.. running around and hiding in between the clothes.

the colours of bandung.


View from the hotel room.

her definition of angry face -.-

That's a "Do Not Disturb" sign..

Her first foot massage! She looked like she enjoyed it!

Her favourite snack time @ Floating Market Lembang.

Kids flying fox! She's pretty much expressionless throughout the ride, but super excited when she talked about it after the ride :)

Her daily hangout spot in the morning, where she can get a view of the swimming pool.

Well equipped for Kawah Putih.

Decided to drop by the readily available tea plantations for a quick photoshoot.

Thanks to our driver, Ari, for the family photo. The view is awesome!


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