With Love, Ethan & Samantha @ Goodwood Park Hotel

Having based in Singapore, I always wonder how does it feel like to be away from home. Being a travelholic, usually on trips like few days or a week, having the longest at around a month, I never actually missed home :X Maybe these were too short a trip, but I feel fortunate that i don't have the chance to actually 'miss home' ;)

Ethan and Samantha were working in Hong Kong when they were planning for their wedding in Singapore. I remember meeting up with Samantha in Singapore just weeks before the wedding and she was still settling down as they were planning to be back home for good. Ethan was still tied up with his work back in Hong Kong so we were discussing on the wedding with Ethan on the phone. I was thinking how hard it was for Samantha to prepare for the wedding while Ethan was still in Hong Kong and the wedding is just weeks ahead.

Anyway, I'm glad they are back for good, being home and near to their family :)


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