Royal Caribbean - Ovation of the Seas

Our first trip as parents. As first time parents, it was a good experience how it is like to bring a baby on vacation trips. Well, I guess it was a good tryout without the flight and traveling. We were still contemplating if we should bring her along, as it was meant to be a trip to relax and get things off our heads. However, if you know my wife, you know it should never cross my mind that it will be just the 2 of us on the cruise :)

I can't say we didn't get to put our mind at rest but rejuvenation was far from it and we missed out on the performances and activities that were available onboard. But coming back with all the photos of my baby girl with us, we know it was the right choice, just maybe not a great one ;)


My daily 15mins break from babysitting.

I don't want photos :P

Air conditioned indoor pool, perfect for those for wants to hide from the sun.. and crowds because the outdoor pool is usually packed.

I am so glad i tried this!(I'm not in the photo thou) I did it during my "15min daily break" on one of the days..

Day trip to Penang @ the jetty!

Peeking through her blanket while mummy covered her from the scorching sun..

That's when she slept well and breakfast was good ;)

The lovely duo~


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