With Love, Gerald & Quincy - Wedding Day @ Bukit Timah Railway Bridge & Intercontinental Hot

Gerald and Quincy make a great couple! You can see the natural connection between them and feel the love whenever their eyes locked!

The sisters had great ideas with the games and the brothers were spontaneous and definitely exceeded the girls' expectations, totally enjoying the whole process!

And lastly, having a candy bar filled with their childhood snacks and with their photographs in polaroid made us appreciate their love story even more!


Seriously, just how cool the designer for this heels is!

"it looks fun, can I join in too?"

"yawnz.... why weddings always start so early?"

Photobombing at its best. He must be thinking, "what a beautiful couple :D"

Surprise performance by the groom. I must say he's a talented lip sync singer ;)

Mum and dad enjoying the attention from the lively guests!


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