Paris Travelogue

Paris, the city of love! How true, and how beauitful is Paris. Try walking along Seine river, under the Eiffel Tower or on Pont des Arts, everywhere is filled with romance and love birds!

Public transport is great here specifically the metro stations. They are everywhere, its probably just 1min ride between stations. It may be confusing for first timer but I'm sure you will do fine after the first day :)

Being a global center for art, fashion, gastronomy and culture, don't settle for less! Go high end shopping(or window shopping :) ) and dine at one of the michelin star restaurants (set lunch is pretty affordable :) )!

Its like a scene of an old movie!

A stroll along Seine River with the seagulls, heading towards Pont des Arts.

Saw these on one of the bridges along Seine River.

You always find light at the end of the tunnel :)

Glimpse of the iconic Effiel Tower from afar..

Picnic with the view of Effiel Tower at 15degree celsius! A definite must-do!

The interior of Notre‐Dame Cathedral. Breathtaking! Lots of detail from the flooring to the pillars to the ceiling. Most importantly, it's free to enter :D

Pont de Bir-Hakeim, probably the most photographed bridge along Seine River.

Below the Effiel Tower!

Street market in Paris(Clignancourt Flea Market)! One of my favourite spot in Paris, you can find anything from apparels to used electronics and plenty of cool and funky furniture store! A must-go in Paris!

Street market near hotel right in front of a church.

Montmartre district. Touristy but a great place to visit. The view from the top is amazing! check out the photos below :)

View from the top with probably the best street performer in Paris! Ball juggling while hanging on a lamp post!

Paris is touristy, and there's a reason to it. It should be in your bucket list!

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