Amsterdam Travelogue

Amsterdam, the city of sin... somehow resembling Venice with the canals and bridges, and it's not in any way inferior to Venice in terms of their looks but they are just different. I'll probably take Amsterdam for Venice any time :) One main reason is that shopping and food are much affordable here and shops open till late! :D

You can go 9 streets for high-end shopping, central Amsterdam for more budget-friendly brands or try your luck at the Waterloopein Flea Market! There's even a food street near red light district!

Lastly, red light district is an eye-opener for first-timer!

Port view from hotel room. Room is small but adequate.

Most locals commute via cycling.

At Pancake! Amsterdam. Crowded with tourist but food is farrr below expectation and service wasn't great as well..

Waterloopein weekend market. Lots of souvenirs, funky stuffs and antiques.

Amsterdam central shopping area.

Food street! French, chinese, viet, thai or jap cuisines, you name it :)

Food street near red light district.

Amsterdam is beautiful in it's own way. I had a great time here and I'm sure you will too!

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