Venice Travelogue

Venice, is the world's only pedestrian city (just how cool is that!). The absence of cars makes it a particularly pleasant experience, though it's walkable, there are plenty of cafes and restaurants scattered around the island for your occasional breaks, or if you were lost :) also not forgetting the numerous bridges you have to cross!

It is recommended to stay at least one night just to experience Venice at night or in the early morning before the tour group started arriving. I would think having a jog along the canal will be wonderful in the early morning but I dont have my running shoes with me and it's pretty cold when we were there :D

One of those 409 bridges in Venice :)

All' Arco! A must-go restaurant/wine bar in Venice for cicchetti! Go perfect with a glass of wine :D

On the Rialto Bridge.

Local market. Not much of locals though but plenty of tourist taking photos :)

Caffè Florian, the oldest coffee house in Venice. Possibly the most expensive too! Great ambience and a good spot for people watching!

Venice is beautiful without a doubt. But the activities are limited and you probably do not need 2 full days to see all the attractions.

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