Perth, Australia - Travel Photography

Perth is the capital and largest city of the Australian state of Western Australia. Located at the extreme west of Australia, Perth is one of the cities in Australia that can be reached within 5hrs from Singapore!

Self-drive is highly recommended when traveling in Perth to reach places away from the city centre. There are so many things to do outside the city centre and self-driving provides the flexibility to plan your route and time allocation for each destination. You definitely wouldn't want to be rushing on the trip especially in Perth, it's such a chilled and laid-back country. Parking is also much more affordable or even free in Perth compared to other cities in Australia.

We were in Perth for 5days. We stayed in the city centre and drove out every day. We parked by the street parking outside our hotel which was free from 6pm to 8am. If we decided to sleep in late in the morning, we would pay from 8am onwards(about 4-5AUD/hr) but depends on your area(read the parking signs), there is usually a limit to 2-3hrs parking from 8am to 6pm, so we had to drive out by 10am(limited to 2hrs parking) or swap the car to another street.

Photography gears - GoPro 3, Sony NEX F3 with 16-50mm OSS, Nikon D600 with Nikon 17-35mm f2.8 & 50mm f1.8.


Our modest hotel in Perth city centre, Perth Ambassador Hotel. Huge room and clean. There is convenient stores one street away and most importantly, there are street parkings right outside the entrance.

First on our itinerary is Rottnest Island. While waiting for the boat at the jetty.

We rented a bike to explore the island while some people go on foot. I would prefer to cycle as you can cover more places and do a half day trip so you can plan something else after lunch.

Even though many people boarded the boat with us, we find ourselves 'alone' on the island most of the time once we cycled out. I wondered where everyone was and if we missed out anything :)

With the absence of people, it means you have lots of opportunities to set up your tripod for some shots.

Our late lunch at Kailis fish market with the view of the port.

Exploring the area before we called it a day.

Dropping by the popular Blue House at Swan River before we make our way further to Swan Valley. There is no proper parking nearby, we parked along the road up the hill and walked down. You will spot the blue house by the main road if you drive there.

Breakfast at Valley View Restaurant on Swan Valley. We didn't really plan for anything along Swan Valley, we just stop by anything that attracted us. We stopped by for breakfast, wine, chocolate and honey!

And... photoshoot opportunities :)

Chocolate factory along Swan Valley.

In the afternoon, we drove to Lone Ranges Shooting Complex for some sport shooting. It is probably more interesting for my partner since I did my range in army so it is not exactly new to me.

In Perth, you can find asians everywhere. Therefore, there are plenty of asian food. We had our dinner here.

Shopping therapy at Harbour Town. Just realize I don't have any other photo apart from this even thought we stayed for hours here. I must be really busy shopping I guess :)

We planned for something affordable after Harbour Town knowing we would be broke after that. To be exact, it's free! We went to Kings Park for the view and its beautiful, the weather was great as well, probably at 15degree.

View from Kings Park.

We started our day 3 with our long drive to Lancelin Sand Dunes. It was around 2hrs.

Just outside of the sand dunes, you will find this Lucky 7 convenient store. This was where we rented our sand boards.

Some one was already there before us.

Our first climb.

I guess you can see for yourself that we had fun!

Occasionally, there would be this "sandstorm" which was quite unbearable if you didn't have your mask and shades on. Just wait awhile for it to pass and you are good to go.

We took a break after like maybe 3 climbs. It was so tiring.... but it was really fun!

After hours under the hot sun, we wanted to chill. So we planned for air conditioned activity which was a visit to the aquarium. We went to the Aquarium of Western Australia(AQWA).

After the regular underwater aquarium walkthrough which cooled down our burnt skin, we decided to sign up for the reefwalker, which is to suit up and go underwater.

After our wonderful experience at AQWA, we went to Sorrento Quay, just across the road.

Back to the city centre after we dropped our car outside our hotel.

End of the day shopping. We planned to cover the city centre bit by bit each day after our day trip as it was near to our hotel and also to have a variety of activities each day instead of a full day shopping at city centre.

We did take-away and dropped by Kings Park for dinner.

Popping by the iconic Bell Tower before our drive to Fremantle Markets.

Highly recommended! My type of shopping place. Anyway I doubt anyone would give it a miss if you were in Perth.

There was even a small petting zoo for kids. With Pony, goats, bunnies and guinea pigs.

I got honey cake from this store. It was so good. It will be the first thing that comes out of my mind whenever I think of Fremantle Markets.

The honey cake.. the layers create different textures and the sweetness is just right. Perfecto~

Weekends are the best time to explore as there will be makeshift markets around Perth. This was near Fremantle Markets.

E-Shed Markets. This may be new or not so popular among the locals or tourists as it was very empty. But pretty good to us.

Perth is great for family travelling with kids. You set your base in city centre and just drive out everyday. And the shorter flight duration is a bonus.