Bali, Indonesia - Travel Photography

I believe Bali is the most well known province of Indonesia, and possibly the most visited destinations in Indonesia. When you read up on Bali, you will possibly come across the buzzing nightlife, beautiful resorts, paddy fields, the beach and the most famous Uluwatu Temple.

We were being a little adventurous this time by staying at 3 different hotels/resorts within our 5 days stay in Bali. Yes it sounds crazy but we had our reasons! We really wanted to stay in a villa but we wouldn't want to do it throughout our time in Bali as we probably would't be as excited, or use the amenities as much, after day one. Another reason was, we arrived late on day one, so we just wanted to stay somewhere cheaper for the night. Thirdly, we wanted to stay within Kuta which is easier for us to do our shopping, beach visit and enjoy the vibrant nightlife.

Photography gear used - Nikon D90 with Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 and Tamron 17-50mm f2.8.


Our day one in Bali was a sleepover at Budget Villa. Yes you heard it right, it was called Budget Villa.

Our front door view in the morning. It wasn't that bad. I think it was pretty good for what we paid for.

Entrance to Budget Villa. It actually looked very nice. Anyway It wasn't that cheap as you think. It was maybe about S$80 per night.

On day 2, we got a guide to send us to Tirta Empul Temple.

The sculptures were beautiful!

The place was serene and it was really nice to walk around even not knowing anything about this temple :)

Our guide drop us at one of the rice terraces for some photos and tea break.

The street vendors were quite persistent.

There were shops and eateries at the rice terrace.

Finally the anticipated view of Mt Batur.

Lunch break with Mount Batur view.

Dinner can wait while we take some photos.

Luckily we got some shots of Mount Batur. Right after our dinner, it was gone....

The end of day 2 brought us to our new villa at Kamuela Villas.

After some photos, we went to Kuta beach area.

We did some shopping.

And catch the sunset at Kuta Beach, obviously it was a popular spot to watch the sunset.

Next we went for dinner at Made's Warung Restaurant.

Dinner was good! With my favourite rojak.

There were many art shops that you could find in Bali.

Day 3 started with good breakfast at our villa.

Back to Kuta Beach area for some shopping as some shops were already closed yesterday.

Kuta Beach was usually packed..

Searching for our best Babi Guling!

Sari Bhuana should be the shop name ;) Highly recommended!

After lunch we went back to the villa to rest.. gonna make full use of the villa.

And out we went again at night.

Just for dinner and drinks at Warung Italia.

Sunrise at our villa roof terrace. By the way, our villa has a roof terrace with suntanning chairs and a pavilion where you can choose to have you breakfast there but we still prefer to do at the dinner area facing the pool as it was air conditioned :D

On day 4, we checked out our villa and went to our last resort at Home @36 Condotel. Its at in Kuta.

Next we took a boat to Turtle Island.

Turtles were what we expected to see on Turtle Island.

We had some food and drinks before making our way back to main land.

Next we went to the famous Uluwatu Temple.

Uluwatu Temple from far.

Next we went to Jimbaran Bay Seafood at Jimbaran Beach for lunch before we head back to Kuta. It was almost empty.

Back to Kuta to spend all our money!

Dinner at Oceans 27. We were seated inside a small pool...

Food was actually quite good.

We packed up and left the next day. Bye for now, Bali.