Hong Kong, China - Travel Photography

I first went to Hong Kong in 2007. it was my first overseas trip with friends, after my National Service. Hong Kong is not big, so I covered quite a lot of places on my first trip. But I didn't mind going to some places a second time as it was the first time my partner been to Hong Kong and there are some places you have to visit in Hong Kong like Tian Tan Buddha and Tai O Village!

We decided to stay longer and to drop by Shenzhen and Macau as day trips. So we were spending 8 days in Hong Kong this time with 2 days for Shenzhen and Macau.

Photography gear used - Nikon FM2 Film with Nikon 50mm f1.8 & Nikon 20mm f1.8.


We stayed at Hop Inn at Tsim Sha Tsui. It was an apartment in a residential building. It was small but decent :) Location was good on a busy street with restaurants and minutes walk to the shopping areas about 5mins walk to TST MTR.

We reached late on Day 1(or rather Day 2 since we were in Macau on Day 1), we dropped our baggage and went for dinner at Lan Fong Yuen.

Food was ok. Satisfying ;)

After dinner, we stayed around the area at TST since it was already late.

At 1881 Heritage. A beautiful heritage building used to be a marine police headquarters.

Ended our day with the night view at Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry Pier.

Day 2 in Hong Kong, we started with breakfast at Tsui Wah Restaurant. My favourite toast bread with condense milk, simple and tasty. I had it almost everyday!

We allocated this day entirely on attractions on Lantau Island. Taking Ngong Ping cable car to Lantau Island.

Walking to Tian Tan Buddha via Ngong Ping Village with bubbles floating in the air :)

Sweet corn before the climb.

Not my first time seeing Tian Tan Buddha, but it was as astonishing as the first time.

Wisdom Path. An easy walk from Tian Tan Buddha. I did this walk on my previous trip too. Nothing had changed there but me. There was a path with signage to the right of the stairs to Tian Tan Buddha that would lead you to the Wisdom Path.

Took a bus to Tai O, a quaint village, from Tian Tan Buddha.

There wasn't much for you to do at Tai O, but this place was beautiful in its own way and there were plenty of photography opportunities.

After our Tai O trip, we had lunch and shopped at Citygate outlets.

Next we took a Disney train to Disneyland.

We didn't have the intention to enter Disneyland. We just wanted to take the Disney train and take some photos there since we were in the area.

After a long day out in the sun. We had dessert at Wu Dai Tong Tang, it was right opposite our hostel and its was always crowded whenever we passed by. It was pretty good.

Day 3 we were supposed to have breakfast at Tim Ho Wan, a super famous dim sum restaurant in Hong Kong. But when we were there at 1030am, we were given a time slot at 2pm. So we left and chanced upon this restaurant.

It was good and quite affordable considering we were in a restaurant.

On our way to Cat Street after our breakfast.

Found it! Cat Street is an interesting street market that sells vintage, 2nd hand and also gifts that you can buy for friends back home.

There were many interesting items, you just have to keep your eyes open wide and dig your way through.

Next we walked to Man Mo Temple about 5mins away.

From Man Mo temple, we took the MTR to take the Peak Tram to The Peak which every tourist would do.

The view from above.

There were restaurants, souvenir shops and cafes at The Peak but we decided to head back to town. Most people will take the tram back so the queue is long and you can imagine being packed in a tiny tram like sardine in a can. So we took a cab down instead.

Once we were in town, we were looking for a place to rest out feet. We found Honeymoon Dessert and we saw it a few times at different locations, it was a dessert chain store. It was pretty good.

Our next activity was shopping at Temple Street. In fact, we always leave shopping after dinner, so we can load up and maybe cab back to our hotel.

It was quite a long street market that opened at night. Most shops will be opened by 8pm. They have a huge variety of stuff.

We went to Shenzhen on day 4. This was actually day 5 in Hongkong but I will put it as day 4 so it's not so confusing.

Day 4 started in Stanley Market. This market wasn't big but the items were more exclusive, most stores were selling different things and not repetition. What I like here is that it is near to the waterfront, where you can enjoy a good view after your shopping and there were restaurants and cafes lining alongside where you could take a rest or for lunch.

View at the waterfront.

Vintage ice cream van.

Restaurants facing to waterfront.

After Stanley Market we went to Mong Kok. Mong Kok is famous for its shopping streets and Ladies Market. We spent our whole afternoon shopping here.

After we unloaded our shopping stuff at our apartment, we made our way to Ocean Park for their annual Halloween Event.

Ended our day late at Ocean Park. While the Halloween Night was refreshing, I still prefer Ocean Park in the day :)

Make our way back to Tim Ho Wan. Cheapest Michelin Restaurant. We were lucky today. We took the last table!

After our breakfast, I accompany my partner to Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple where she did some praying and had her first palm reading!

It was our last day here, so we planned for our final shopping. This was a electronic street called Apliu Street, you can find gadgets and accessories for your phone, but most importantly they had camera equipments and accessories and they were cheap..

Back to Tsim Sha Tsui near our hotel for shopping before we called it a day.

Day 6, we had our last breakfast in Hong Kong at Zhan Ji Restaurant.

Had my usual.

Dessert at Ages B cafe.

While waiting for our flight back to Singapore.