Shenzhen, China - Travel Photography

We took a day trip from Hong Kong to Shenzhen. Since we couldn't afford to travel around the World, it's not a bad idea to visit Window of the World in Shenzhen :D

We took a train from Hong Kong to Shenzhen, went through the checkpoint to Shenzhen. It was almost like Singapore to Johor Bahru but without the causeway. Once in Shenzhen, you can take the local train directly to Window of the World(they had a station named after this place).

Photography gear used - Nikon FM2 Film with Nikon 50mm f1.8 & Nikon 20mm f1.8.


Train to Shenzhen from Hong Kong.

Looking for the local train.

We overloaded our baggage in Hong Kong, so we purchase a small 14" luggage here, cost about $10-15SGD.

14 stops away!

They had replica of different sizes.

Even though this is a replica of the actual Effiel Tower, you could climb up the tower where there was a viewing platform.

View from the top.

This just showed you how good the Chinese were at replicating.