Bintan, Indonesia - Travel Photography

Bintan Island is getting the likes of Singaporeans due to the easy access by boat at approximate 50mins and with the wide selection of resorts that you can choose from. You can easily do a weekend getaway with Bintan and if you travel into the city area, the food and stuff are really affordable as well.

Even though there are expensive resorts, there are also affordable and good ones depending on your preference and what you intend to do in the resort.

We chose Bintan Lagoon Resort for the activities it was providing and it was also quite budget friendly. There were water-sports, spa, a huge beautiful pool, archery and golf. When we were there, they were still building up their resort and I read they were building a jetty and that you could actually disembark directly onto their resort next time! How convenient!


Unfortuantely we couldn't afford Club Med Bintan.

On our way to Bintan.. Pouring heavily.

Bright and sunny when we reached :)

It didn't take us long to leave the resort to stock up our drinks and snacks for the next few days as you know these things would be expensive in the resort. It took us around 20min to reach Pasar Oleh Oleh.

We had our dinner there with my favourite Rojak.

On day 2, we had our hearty breakfast before we explore the resort.

Nice big pool.

They were constructing more buildings when we were there.

This was a new bar by the beach. They actually have their own private beach.

Shopping in the city.

Look what we found! Rojak.

I actually still prefer Sinagapore style rojak :D

Our dinner place.

It was so good and so affordable.

This came last and by the time we had already finished all the other food.

On day 3, we had our ferry back to Singapore in the afternoon. So we did some activities in the morning.

Ok it looked pretty near.

Thats why many arrows on the hit board ;)

Replenishment after our strenuous activities..

Spa at the garden.