Pulau Ubin, Singapore - Travel Photography

Pulau Ubin is an island situated in the north east of Singapore, it is one of the last rural areas to be found in Singapore! I had been there several times, with different groups of friend. The most memorable time was probably my first visit in year 2000, when we camped by the beach for the night and our 10 men tent was almost uprooted by the strong wind! We even swam in one of the quarries where we watched a monitor lizard(around 3 feet in length) gracefully swam passed us! Anyway the quarries were all fenced up now and there is not gonna be any lifeguard on duty, so I probably would advise against swimming in the quarries ;)

The main activity or mode of transport in Pulau Ubin is to cycle. There are viewing platforms or spots around the island that you can use as rest stops while enjoying the view and for some photo taking session. The other few activities that you can consider are visiting the old restored houses, walking down the boardwalk at Chek Jawa wetlands and climbing up the Jejawi Tower for an open sea view.

Photography gear used - Nikon D90 with Tamron 17-50mm f2.8 and Nikon 70-300mm f5.6-6.3.


The only way to get to Pulau Ubin is to catch a boat at Changi Point Ferry Terminal. You should expect a queue on the weekend, each boat's capacity is 12 passengers. On weekday, the boats will only set off if you can fill the capacity of 12pax.

It was just 2 of us, there were already people waiting when we were there, we waited for another 10mins before we filled the capacity of 12pax.

Enjoying the view, the boat ride was around 15mins.

We reached!

The first thing to do is to pick your ride.

Before you set off, you can first enjoy a coconut at one of the eateries there. They sell food as well, like Zi Char.

One of the viewing spots.

Load up with water, you will need them :)

You can easily have the whole beach to yourself on a weekday.

The view at the top of Jejawi Tower!

The last thing you want when you are out on an island, is for it to rain.. the dark clouds started to set in few hours after we reached.

It started pouring so we seek shelter at one of the abandoned shops on the island.

It didn't take long for the rain to stop. Maybe 15mins.

After the rain stopped, we cycle back to the jetty area to return our bicycles and had our early dinner at one of the restaurants.

Last few photos on the island before we left.

We had desserts at the hawker centre outside the ferry terminal to cool us down after a whole day in the sun. This is where you can have your breakfast before taking the boat to Pulau Ubin.