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With Love, Junhui & Cassandra - Wedding Day @ Hort Park & Orchard Hotel Singapore

Junhui and Cassandra met in Singapore Polytechnic during their first year. As they were really focused on their studies(who dont? :) ), they kept things as it is and remained as friends.

It was during their final year(finally!), that they went to this class chalet and they got to know each other better. With a "container box" as a surprised gift(I'll leave it to your imagination!) and the good words from Cassandra's sisters, they got together and since then the feelings developed uncontrollably.

Junhui actually proposed to Cassandra years later wearing a panda costume! And it actually became their wedding day mascot!

The quiet moment of the bride during make-up.

As usual, the bridesmaids having fun during their preparation.

That's how happy you look when you see the brothers doing silly stuff.

Finally after all the hard works, we just want the kiss from the bride :)

Junhui and Cassandra were really shy in front of the camera, which worked perfectly for this image!

They share the same dream.

Here it is, the mascot!

He was probably thinking, "I don't want my photo taken!"

Wedding vendors

Make-up & Hairdo: http://www.mydreamwedding.com.sg/

Bridal gown: http://www.mydreamwedding.com.sg/

Wedding car - Auto Club Singapore

Cinematography - The Missing Pieces

Photography - The Missing Pieces

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