January 4, 2018

Im often asked if I would run out of ideas during my shoot and will I repeat the poses or the directions that I gave before. 

The interesting part with portraiture is that different people react differently when given the same set of directions. So to be honest, I do repeat ideas but they always turn out differently by giving s...

May 11, 2017

I met Xiang Ni when I was the photographer for her best friend's wedding. Xiang Ni contacted me not long after the wedding and everything else was history.

It's easy when you are working with couples that get to see how you work 'on the field' to eventually seeing the final set of images. So they appreciate why the photographer gives a c...

August 11, 2016

After countless meetups and having done their pre-wedding shoot, we know Xue Yi and Elizabeth are unique individuals and they have their own thoughts on how they want their wedding to be. 

The solemnization was held at the beautiful Church of Our Lady Queen of Peace. With minimal decors, it brings out the originality of the church,...

February 10, 2016

Ezekiel and Shiru met through a mutual friend. They never once feel the need to be like someone else when they are with each other. They shared common interests but each have their own talent in very different things.

Talking about DIY weddings which has been in trend in the recent years, Shiru brought it to a new level by making he...

January 26, 2016

They met at a University orientation when he was not even supposed to be there.. Kenneth was there to accompany a close friend who enrolled into that University.

Kenneth swung open the door while entering the hall and gentlemanly held the door for the girl behind him. That girl is Clairecia.. Clairecia politely smiled and...

January 20, 2016

Jovel went on a road trip to Malaysia for a long weekend with his brother and friends. While they were there, they decided to check out a club in town! For someone who doesn't frequent a club, Jovel spent most of the time alone at the table "looking after" the drinks :)

It was then that Hayley showed up from a distance, magical...

December 9, 2015

I met Ping Siang one year back when I did one of his cousins' wedding and it was such a blessing to be seeing these familiar faces and friendly folks again(for the third time!)! I must say the close bonding within this big family is very much adored! 

Ping Siang and Mei Ferng were both fr...

December 3, 2015

Wei Kang and Qian Qin were actually secondary school mates but they were not aware of each other's presence until they met at one of their mutual secondary school mates' wedding. However, nothing came out of it till they met again at Butter Factory one year later. Maybe it's the fancy lightings or the spin at the dance floor, they start...

November 17, 2015

Terry and Jiayan's wedding is filled with so much fun and laughters. Everyone seems to be comfortable in front of the camera and well, almost totally ignoring my existence! It's easy to fill my memory cards with photographs of people smiling candidly or laughing out casually and not forgetting with tears of joy rolling down the cheeks! 


November 13, 2015

Gerald and Quincy make a great couple! You can see the natural connection between them and feel the love whenever their eyes locked! 

The sisters had great ideas with the games and the brothers were spontaneous and definitely exceeded the girls' expectations, totally enjoying the whole process!

And lastly, having a candy bar filled with t...

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